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 - Sahih Sunan Anu Dawud Hadith


    Sunan Abu-Dawud (partial)


    Table of Contents for Partial Sunan Abu-Dawud



    Book 001 - Purification (Kitab Al-Taharah)

    Book 002 - Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat)

    Book 003 - Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat): Details of Commencing Prayer

    Book 004 - Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat): Detailed Rules of Law about the Prayer during Journey

    Book 005 - Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat): Prayer at Night

    Book 006 - Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat): Detailed Injunctions about Ramadan

    Book 007 - Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat): Prostration while reciting the Qur'an

    Book 008 - Prayer (Kitab Al-Salat): Detailed Injunctions about Witr

    Book 009 - Zakat (Kitab Al-Zakat)

    Book 010 - The Rites of Hajj (Kitab Al-Manasik Wa'l-Hajj)

    Book 011 - Marriage (Kitab Al-Nikah)

    Book 012 - Divorce (Kitab Al-Talaq)

    Book 013 - Fasting (Kitab Al-Siyam)

    Book 014 - Jihad (Kitab Al-Jihad)

    Book 015 - Sacrifice (Kitab Al-Dahaya)

    Book 016 - Game (Kitab Al-Said)

    Book 017 - Wills (Kitab Al-Wasaya)

    Book 018 - Shares of Inheritance (Kitab Al-Fara'id)

    Book 019 - Tribute, Spoils, and Rulership (Kitab Al-Kharaj, Wal-Fai' Wal-Imarah)

    Book 020 - Funerals (Kitab Al-Jana'iz)

    Book 021 - Oaths and Vows (Kitab Al-Aiman Wa Al-Nudhur)

    Book 022 - Commercial Transactions (Kitab Al-Buyu)

    Book 023 - Wages (Kitab Al-Ijarah)

    Book 024 - The Office of the Judge (Kitab Al-Aqdiyah)

    Book 025 - Knowledge (Kitab Al-Ilm)

    Book 026 - Drinks (Kitab Al-Ashribah)

    Book 027 - Foods (Kitab Al-At'imah)

    Book 028 - Medicine (Kitab Al-Tibb)

    Book 029 - Divination and Omens (Kitab Al-Kahanah Wa Al-Tatayyur)

    Book 030 - Dialects and Readings of the Qur'an (Kitab Al-Huruf Wa Al-Qira'at)

    Book 031 - Hot Baths (Kitab Al-Hammam)

    Book 032 - Clothing (Kitab Al-Libas)

    Book 033 - Combing the Hair (Kitab Al-Tarajjul)

    Book 034 - Signet-Rings (Kitab Al-Khatam)

    Book 035 - Trials and Fierce Battles (Kitab Al-Fitan Wa Al-Malahim)

    Book 036 - The Promised Deliverer (Kitab Al-Mahdi)

    Book 037 - Battles (Kitab Al-Malahim)

    Book 038 - Prescribed Punishments (Kitab Al-Hudud)

    Book 039 - Types of Blood-Wit (Kitab Al-Diyat)

    Book 040 - Model Behavior of the Prophet (Kitab Al-Sunnah)

    Book 041 - General Behavior (Kitab Al-Adab)



    Sunan Abu-Dawud is a collection of sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) (also known as the sunnah). The reports of the Prophet's sayings and deeds are called ahadith. Abu-Dawud lived a couple of centuries after the Prophet's death and worked extremely hard to collect his ahadith. Each report in his collection was checked for compatibility with the Qur'an, and the veracity of the chain of reporters had to be painstakingly established. Abu-Dawud's collection is recognized by the overwhelming majority of the Muslim world to be one of the most authentic collections of the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh), however it is also known to contain some weak ahadith (some of which he pointed out, others which he did not).

    Abu-Dawud (full name Abu-Dawud Sulaiman bin Al-Aash'ath Al-Azdi as-Sijistani) was born in 202 A.H. and died in 275 A.H. He was one of the most widely travelled of the scholars of ahadith, going to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Khurasahn, Egypt, Syria, Nishapur, Marv, and other places for the sole purpose of collecting ahadith. His primary interest was in law, hence his collection focuses purely on legal ahadith. From about 50,000 ahadith, he chose 4,800 for inclusion in his work based on their superior authenticity.

    It is important to realize, however, that Abu-Dawud's collection is not complete: there are other scholars who worked as Abu-Dawud did and collected other reports.

    The translation of Sunan Abu-Dawud found here is not complete! Roughly half of the collection is missing; please take this into account if you cannot find a specific hadith.

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